Jonas Obermüller

Hey, I’m a Sound Designer always looking for new ways to create and interact with Sound. Starting out playing Percussion and Piano, I developed a huge interest in recording, combining and transforming Sounds. This followed a Bachelor of Music and Diploma with Honors by the Vancouver Film School. Now I turned my passion into work as Senior Audio Designer at Crytek.

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Sound Design

Experienced Sound Designer, specialized in the creation of unique audio for Games and Trailers. I’m always striving to discover new sounds and am an enthusiast for synthesis and effect processing. Specialized in Nuendo, Ableton Live, Soundtoys, GRM Tools.

Interactive Audio

Created  interactive Audio Implementations for games that released on PC, PS4, Oculus Rift and Xbox One. Professional user of the Wwise and FMOD Middlewares as well as  MaxMsp for interactive prototypes and Python scripting knowledge.

Music Production

I have a passion for electronic music and am also a member of the post rock band There’s a Light. Playing Percussion and Piano from early on I’m enjoying to combine Sound Design and Music and bring these influences into projects I work on.

DSP Development

Through Sound Design I got interested in writing customized audio processors and tools. I use MaxMsp and Gen to create tools and effects for audio design, released a collection of Max for Live Devices and currently work towards a first VST-Effect.

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